Speak to Me of Rebirth

Speak to Me of Rebirth

•  by Norman Paulsen, Sunburst Founder  •  I said: Lord, speak to me of rebirth. Tell me of its meaning. What takes place within me? Why is it necessary? Where did I come from? Where shall I go? Have I always been, and shall I always be? Will you be near or far from me? At times I see you, and at times I don’t. Come closer, Lord, converse with me. Whisper to me of immortal life; I see surely that it was for all of us.

We feel your presence as the wind through a tree; softly, Lord, you’re caressing me. I believe, and I see, it’s you in all, and all in thee. One we are, and one we be, all together now eternally.

Most sweet God, let me drink from the eternal spring. Let me not wither and die. Let me feel as it was before. Mother divine, you comfort me. From your womb I came into this world to be. Mother divine, I love thee! I know you, Mother and Father, are both present now in every face. I see you now. Our toil and our tears are not in vain; you know our plight. With all my might I reach for thee, with all my will. Oh strengthen me, that I may stand forth as a son to thee a daughter there, as we used to be.

I Am That I Am, the name of the most high, Mother-Father Creator, the godhead, the two in one, made one in three. From all the rest came you and me. I Am That I Am is your shield and your strength. Call on his name. I Am That I Am are the magical words all the spirits in eternity heard. All kneel down, pause and listen; whenever I Am has come, they listen. He dwells in us; She dwells in us. The two together conceive the child, the true you, the true me, the true image. It’s immortal.

Seek it diligently. The most prized possession in all the creation, the thing most sought after by all beings is the reflected image of I Am That I Am, whose face blazes forth like the eternal Sun; his visage so brilliant, one feels consumed at a mere glance of it. Do we dare to look upon his face? we dare if we seek his place, our true home, I Am That I Am. He and She bring forth the worlds and all images; each one of us is a part of I Am That I Am.

Father, Mother, we feel your presence alighting on the crowns of our heads like the soft touch of a dove’s wing. Move into our tree of life, Mother-Father; nourish us. Lead us to our rebirth and our growth, and the vision of the eternal heavens, the abode of all your children, sons and daughters, immortal ones filled with love, divine ecstasy, joy, security.

Exhilaration for every moment that moves in eternity, we ride on waves of your consciousness, the eternal cosmic sea. Grant us the vision of your immortal spiritual Sun, your first born, the Light of creation. Once seen, we are baptized in the fire of your life, your presence. Amen.

Awakening in Christ Consciousness

Awakening in Christ Consciousness

  by Greg Anderson    Paramahansa Yogananda said a day will come when all humans on Earth will be Christ-conscious. How do we get it? What exactly is it? How does it change us?

In 2013, I had an experience in meditation. I started doing Kriya circulations, and several events occurred. The final thing that happened is that I was allowed to see myself in meditation. As I inhaled, my chakras lit up like someone was blowing on the hot coals of a fire. As I exhaled, I could see the same thing happen from above, moving downward.

I realized that brother Norm was right, the heart chakra was gold, it was very visible. I also realized, there were two shafts of light coming down through my astral spine, and they were almost connected. While I was watching this, I realized: “This is my divine feminine and my divine masculine. They’re about to meet for the first time in power, in my heart chakra.” When they did, there was an immediate expansion of my heart chakra. The light was gold and emanating in all directions, and I felt bliss at that moment: “Don’t let this ever end!”

Christ consciousness ignites in that divine embryo in each of us. It grows in our heart chakra, and enables us to begin the journey all the way to cosmic consciousness.

So, what changed in me? After that experience, my body didn’t feel the same. My mind was expanded. Service to others became very important to me. My connection to nature became different. I’d never been a tree-hugger but, I found myself actually saying to my wife that one of the plants in our yard looked happy after the rain. I would never have said that before 2013.

I have more empathy for people. too. I feel connected to people that I’ve never met—you and I are one in that we’re all connected to the same Creator. After my experience, I really felt like I was now “Greg 2.0,” a different me. My perspective was changing. A new being had occurred.

Those are the kind of changes that I felt. I know Divine Spirit wants each of us to experience this. I know that it may never have happened in my life had I not come to Sunburst on a weekend when a training in Kriya meditation was offered.

It’s, by far, one of the greatest gifts that I have received in this lifetime. Take advantage of Kriya meditation training, if you haven’t done so yet.

I don’t think any of these steps forward in consciousness that we make happen suddenly. They happen over a long period of time, and maybe over many lifetimes. Be patient; it may not be for you exactly as I described my experience. However, if you practice Kriya meditation, you will experience Christ consciousness. That spiritual embryo will begin to grow and mature, others became very important to me.

A Divine Seed

A Divine Seed

  by John Kiddie    We are each the farmer, and we are each the garden. A seed has been planted within us and is growing. it is the divine embryo, the birthplace of Christ consciousness within. The farmer takes care of his seed, protecting it from harm. He gives it the nutrients it needs, waters it, and weeds around it so that it may grow and bear fruit.

We, too, water our divine embryo with our meditations and our love. We surround it with the virtues, trying to live them as best we can every day. We try to give this embryo everything it needs in a protective environment.

There are so many things that can influence a plant as it is growing. It’s amazing the opposition that every little seed faces. That’s why our spirit-garden needs to be tended every day by meditating in the morning and evening. This way, we give our plant the best, most nurturing fertilizer there is: the footsteps of the farmer caring for and being around that embryo constantly.

As we gather and lift up our life force, born from Mother’s nature, her waters help the plant to grow. It reaches up towards Father’s energy, the sun. Mother’s and Father’s energies combine to bear fruit as we breathe, bringing light to our inner centers.

As we focus on the crown center, we open the door and invite I Am That I Am to come into us. We continue our practice, turning the wheel of meditation. The more we practice meditation and virtue, the more we are able to realize Spirit’s presence within us, now and always. Spirit is raining down all around us in our garden. If we take our raincoats off, we will become soaked with that energy.

To attend Sunburst’s next Kriya Meditation Retreat, contact the office at contactus@sunburst.org or by phone at 805-736-6528.

Delving Into the Mystery

Delving Into the Mystery

  by Valerie King    Every soul, even such great ones as Jesus of Nazareth and Gautama the Buddha when entering into life upon this world, must work through all levels of consciousness, from simple consciousness through self-consciousness, finally to regain Christ consciousness within the new bodies in which they reside. In making this journey, these victorious souls have beaten a path for us to follow. From their stories, we can gain inspiration and hope for our own inner quest.

Though he were a son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered; and being made perfect, he became the author of salvation unto all them that obey him; called of God an high priest after the order of Melchisedec. – Hebrews 5:8

We all seem to learn the lessons of the law of cause and effect through our own suffering when we “break ourselves against the law.” We cannot break the cosmic laws; we only break ourselves when we ignore them, in our lack of understanding. The law of cause and effect teaches us that it truly is more blessed to give than to receive: physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Physically, we can give through offering our life force in service to God. Mentally, we learn to discipline our thoughts to always return to the divine truth that God is everywhere, and in every life form! Spiritually, we give by making the effort every day to contact the living light of Christ consciousness, and allowing it to grow within us, that it may eventually become fully conscious in our every moment.

Yes, the spiritual journey is indeed a battle for truth and goodness within us. Slowly, we align ourselves with the heavenly purpose, and God’s abundant life, love, and joy begin to pour into us. This makes us want to give even more. The great wheel of the law of cause and effect begins to work for us, returning joy upon joy!

In embarking upon the journey homeward, the resolve to never give up is one of the most important attributes. At times, God pulls away from us, to test our desire and persistence. Remember, during these “dry” times, that many heavenly eyes watch you, awaiting your decisions. These are the times to make great strides in your journey. Pray to divine Spirit to strengthen your love, service, and devotion. God loves to answer this prayer, if offered with all your willpower and strength.

If We Remain Steadfast

If We Remain Steadfast

•  by Norman Paulsen, Sunburst Founder  •  I Am That I Am, Mother-Father, will create us anew while yet we live, if we will allow, if we will remain steadfast, and if we but seek. One is afraid to die for fear of losing the body, but one, in seeing the pure Self becomes fearless; one in dying to the ego becomes immortal. This gift is what we seek; this is the gift to be administered.

To gaze upon the past is to look upon shadows. One thinks of reincarnation; it is comforting to think that reincarnation could be possible—that if we fail miserably in this life, another chance might be given. But to seek reincarnation is to read the wrong path, for reincarnation is itself an illusion. If one can see, feel and taste immortality, one does not need reincarnation. If one dreams of other lifetimes, are we sure that they are true? Can we prove it?

Those who have seen I Am That I Am all stress the fact that here and now this very moment and this very life that you have possession of, should be deemed extraordinary. It’s extraordinary to be alive here and now in these wonderful creations we call bodies; it’s more extraordinary to hear about eternal life, and that fact that it can be attained. Therefore, each one of us has one goal before us—that being its attainment.

The earthly life is short. All that you may desire in this world, having gained it, will not fulfill you, can never fill the great emptiness that can only be occupied by I Am That I Am. Why wouldn’t you then cast aside all desires, in hopes that you might gain this great thing called by Jesus “the pearl of great price,” that which cannot be bought, sold, or controlled.

You can become deluded, and think that ll those things which were not to be had, might now be had, and in so doing stop its growth, smother it, cut off its nourishment and be swept away by thoughts seeking to posses that which they have projected in the form of desire images. Once receiving it, realize that this is your moment, and only you can bring it forth to its full height and know its full purpose, for it speaks as the Christ; it acts as He.

All of those thoughts that surround you, which daily plague you, either good or bad, are not yours unless you receive them. In your daily offering, whether you are working, sitting, eating or playing, constantly give all you are, the god and the bad, to I Am That I Am. In your truthfulness and your sacrifice, he sees you and rewards you openly. By being honest and forthright you are forgiven, you are relieved. You are lifted up. If you persist in orbiting negative thoughts, you finally find yourself whirling away from the Source. Where do you go from here? Where did you come from? I Am That I Am takes a seat in the rear. He/She is not found in front, but behind. He is not only above, but below. She walks with you wherever you go.

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