•  Dawn King, Sunburst  •  Often, I ask my closest companion, God, to let me see through his/her eyes so I can understand better what in the world is going on here. But when I’m outside in Nature, I invite God to enjoy this beautiful creation with me through the sensations I experience. What a joy this brings to me and I know God feels it as well. I’ll tell you how I know; here’s an example.

I went birding for the first time with Cary and some friends in Santa Barbara. I’d been so wanting to go birding with others and, was thrilled to take this opportunity. The group was going to Lake Los Carneros, “home turf” for them.

Very soon in our walk, someone said to me, “Well…I don’t hear or see any birds right off.”

I responded, “In the distance, I hear a cacophony of birds, but can’t make out any particular song.”

Only a few minutes later, in a flash we had already seen extraordinary mating displays, I’d taken some great bird photos, and the group was very excited. Hal leaned my way saying, “You realize, it’s not this way every time we come out here. This is an extraordinary day!”

“I’m sure it is!” I replied, remembering the many times my husband Al and I have been in nature where joyous people excitedly commented: “We’ve never seen it like this before! This is extraordinary!”

Yes, life is extraordinary when we invite God to enjoy it with us. If anyone in your group is doing that, you might all get the benefit. It seems to be a contagious enjoyment. Below is a photo from my recent Nevada desert trip.

God loves to be with us. This is what the whole creation is about. – Norman Paulsen, Sunburst FounderSouthern Nevada Desert

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