by Sandy Anderson  • 

God consciousness has been the essence of Sunburst’s and my studies for many years. I’ve been so very grateful for the chance to read the words of illumined masters and beautiful poets like Yogananda who wrote fabulous, inspirational works. Here is a beautiful description of Yogananda’s experience with God-illumination. It portrays his absolute awe of Divine Spirit:

ˆ“With open eyes I behold myself as the little body. With closed eyes, I perceive myself as the cosmic center around which revolves the spheres of eternity, the sphere of bliss, the sphere of omniscient living space. I feel the Lord like a gentle breath of bliss, breathing in my body of universes. I perceive him shining through the bright twinkles of all luminosity and through the waves of cosmic consciousness. I behold Him as the light of solar inspiration, holding the luminaries of my thoughts and the rhythms of balance.
     “I feel Him as a bursting voice, leading, guiding, teaching secretly in the soul temples of all men and women. He is the fountain of wisdom and a radiant inspiration, flowing through all souls. He is the fragrance from the incense vase of all hearts. He is a garden of celestial blossoms and bright thought-flowers. He is the love that inspires our dreams. I feel Him percolating through my heart, as through all hearts, through the pores of the earth, through the sky, through all created things. He is the eternal motion of joy. He is the mirror of silence in which all creation is reflected.”

The greatest joy, for me and for so many, has been to go beyond reading the words that others have written, into the experience of God itself. His joy, His incredible love, and that amazing fulfillment that you feel from His presence and His blessing is beyond the realization of any other desire. It fulfills every cell of one’s body and every cell of one’s being. That fulfillment is beyond reading or talking or listening to others. It is direct inspiration and direct communion with the living Spirit…and that’s why we meditate. God illumination is the greatest ecstasy that there is, and therefore the greatest goal of our lives.

Divine Spirit,
We are so grateful for your loving presence.
You bring the love that heals and nurtures us,
that enlightens and inspires us.
For you are Father and Mother,
and the Sacred Child that lives within each of us.
Thank you for blessing us, for shining your light,
for inspiring us, and for giving us life.


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