by John Kiddie    We are each the farmer, and we are each the garden. A seed has been planted within us and is growing. it is the divine embryo, the birthplace of Christ consciousness within. The farmer takes care of his seed, protecting it from harm. He gives it the nutrients it needs, waters it, and weeds around it so that it may grow and bear fruit.

We, too, water our divine embryo with our meditations and our love. We surround it with the virtues, trying to live them as best we can every day. We try to give this embryo everything it needs in a protective environment.

There are so many things that can influence a plant as it is growing. It’s amazing the opposition that every little seed faces. That’s why our spirit-garden needs to be tended every day by meditating in the morning and evening. This way, we give our plant the best, most nurturing fertilizer there is: the footsteps of the farmer caring for and being around that embryo constantly.

As we gather and lift up our life force, born from Mother’s nature, her waters help the plant to grow. It reaches up towards Father’s energy, the sun. Mother’s and Father’s energies combine to bear fruit as we breathe, bringing light to our inner centers.

As we focus on the crown center, we open the door and invite I Am That I Am to come into us. We continue our practice, turning the wheel of meditation. The more we practice meditation and virtue, the more we are able to realize Spirit’s presence within us, now and always. Spirit is raining down all around us in our garden. If we take our raincoats off, we will become soaked with that energy.

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