In the beginning, the 12 days of Christmas were 12 steps to Divine Realization. Farther back than we can remember, the Ancients knew this symbol, a Rainbow Path Key and spiritual wormhole leading to all wisdom, all space, and all time.

Wisdom keepers who’ve been through the wormhole are returning the Rainbow Path Key back to humankind’s awareness. Each one who strives to embrace this wisdom tears free a part of the net of ignorance holding all humans in bondage.

Let us rejoice for the Ancient Rainbow Path unveiled, a precious gift that, when fully opened, reveals the true Christ-Mass, Divine Consciousness. Each day we can find more Joy and ecstasy as we grow in Divine Love, the heart of this teaching.

Join us virtually in 2021 as we explore, and learn. We are Astronauts of Inner Space, wandering the worlds of our divine birthright, and finding new strength and understanding within.

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