by John Henry  •  Sometimes traumatic worldly events cause us to reconsider many of our feelings, hopefully resulting in our recommitment to walking the path home to Spirit. Rejecting a seemingly unjust picture, I’m reminded of my first imaginings of the world and how I wanted it to be when I was young. In light of recent events, I’ve recommitted myself to controlling my thoughts, keeping them focused on goodness, on evolution—not just for me, but for all my loved ones and the planet itself.

I learned how to meditate years ago. Although we can’t escape our karma, I’ve learned over the years that it’s best to face it head-on if you can. Keep your feet on the path, and slowly karma falls away. Each one of us is completely responsible for our own lives and what is happening to us, what we are thinking and feeling.

For me the hardest thing is to stop my mind from thinking. I’ve been successful at many things I’ve tried to do in my life, but I would say that my success at stopping my mind is poor. Yet, I’ve learned that if you make one hundred percent commitment to serving Spirit and walking the path, there’s a certain peace and strength that comes to you. It allows your soul to overpower your mind and not let thoughts take strong hold of you. You can keep going and trying, and watch your success grow.

Knowing the outcome will be better, I think we all want to do God’s will, not our own. We each have our own Star of Bethlehem to follow through life, to get to that place where we meet the Christ Light (and enlightenment), just as the wise men met the baby Jesus. God is always showing us the way. We just need to control our thoughts and make ourselves aware enough to perceive the hints and the little thoughts and signs that God is giving us to lead us home—signs that lead us to being our true, most fulfilled selves.

If you make that internal commitment to serve the Divine one hundred percent, you’ll find that I Am That I Am is providing all the strength and direction that you need to succeed. Nothing short of that will allow your heart to feel right.


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