Throughout the ages humans have reverently noted the celestial movements of the Sun, planets and stars. Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, is a celebrated event in numerous religions and cultures. This beginning of a solar year, the increase of the light, was the original New Year.

Sunburst Sanctuary chooses the Saturday closest to the winter solstice for a celebration of the return of solar light and the lengthening of day, much like ancient peoples. In the afternoon, the temple is open for a six-hour silent meditation and prayer, with a chime announcing the start and end of each hour when meditators can come and go as they like. An evening group dinner allows us the opportunity to reunite with friends new and old, after this quiet day of reflection.

After dark, luminaria brighten the path through Sunburst’s labyrinth, inviting an awe-filled journey around circuits of potential self-discovery. This walk can offer an experience of mental, emotional and spiritual “reset” as one travels to the center point and back. The center point represents one’s innermost being, so the path is a journey inward to reconnect with soul, and with purpose. The journey outward represents our intention to emerge anew into the world, perhaps with new inspiration, and new resolve.

For more information on Sunburst’s upcoming Winter Solstice celebration, click here.


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