by Norman Paulsen

The self-conscious mammalian brain has developed over the millenniums, and today, on this planet we are expressing it in its full potential. Why meditate? Meditation leads us within where we gain freedom from our limited ego consciousness and realize Divine Consciousness, and our immortality.

Human’s higher brain structure has the ability to create all of the abstract images its imagination can produce. We see around us every face is different. What a fantastic thing this is, this divine consciousness which is all of us! This consciousness is the point from which all things came forth; and it is contained in each one of us right now. It can be directly perceived through meditation.

We suffer, we are sad, only because we do not know who we really are within. Cosmic consciousness is for each and every human being. It is only when we begin to inhabit our higher brain structure that we begin to understand our relationship to the world and all life forms. Then we truly begin to caretake all the images that the Creator, I Am That I Am, as created—including our own bodies.

Scientists studying subatomic particles find they have mysterious abilities. For understanding, the science of the future will be investigated within man and woman in solitude and meditation, within the great higher brain. Subatomic energy is I Am That I Am. It fills the space between the atomic structure of our bodies. Remove the space between the electrons and protons of your body right now and you couldn’t be seen. We are looking at space when we  look at each other.

Our bodies are a mass of particles of light that represent the physical. It is an illusion that each of us has a personality with a name, likes, dislikes and desires. We think that we have limitations. We think that we are suffering or are weak. We think we have desires unfulfilled. It is an illusion. For all is this one Divine Consciousness momentarily conceding to be each one of us until we wake up and realize that each one of us is it. We are actually the wealth of the whole creation, the instrument that I Am That I Am created so that it could enjoy the creation.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all things will be added unto you.” Why was that said? Because it’s a fact. What is heaven? It’s all space and eternity. It’s the creation and Divine Consciousness everywhere and in everything. Oh, what a miracle to be alive—a glorious thing!

Remember the great gift of this body is to investigate it and to use its powers that you might, from this vantage point on this planet, perceive the whole universe. It’s a great blessing to be alive. The lesson for every individual is to learn through consciousness and thought to move life force and control light. This you can do. This is why meditation. Let’s meditate.

OM…Mighty Spirit, we love you.
Mighty Spirit, we love you; you love us.
We love the world. We are one with all images.
All images are me.


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