by Dawn King

Although Jesus spoke to the multitudes, there was only a small group that were his true followers and students. The multitudes of people who listened to Jesus, and even welcomed him into Jerusalem, were looking for an earthly leader, someone who might rise to political power and bring them relief from their difficult situation. But that’s not why Jesus came. He came to show a way that we might find an eternal salvation, to find heaven wherever we are, and forever more.

Unlike the money changers at the temple and the Pharisees, and many other people who interacted with him during his life, Jesus unfailingly stood for virtue. He was a light in this world through his example and what he taught. He loved God with all his heart and soul, showing us that we all would be right to do so as well.  

Jesus loved his neighbor as himself, even forgiving those who persecuted him. Unlike politicians and those representing the day’s religious orders, he wasn’t looking for what the world could give him, or how he could manipulate the people around him. He was trying to show the way to become all that any human could be, to step up to one’s full height as a virtuous son or daughter of the one Creator. His message was that we could each attain to the Christ consciousness he exemplified. 

So many are adrift today, or living in fear, not knowing how best to go on, how to find happiness, love, or security. They don’t realize who they truly are and what their purpose is here. It is a blessing and comfort to be a student of, and to embrace the spiritual truths that Jesus embodied. Through his example we can realize the immortality of our own souls, and the eternal values that should guide our lives. 

To whatever extent we invite it, Christ consciousness will be present in our hearts, minds, and actions. We have the opportunity to wear the comfort and joy of the eternal Christ Light by following, as best we can, the teachings of our brother Jesus each moment of every day. 


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