by Ischa Beharry

Looking at the stunning fall colors unfolding on its branches, I was drawn, after the Hong Sau Meditation during our recent Silent Retreat, to connect with a particular tree outside the Sunburst Temple.

Holding a beautiful leaf in my hand, the delicate Divine artistry so intricately displayed on this leaf was outstanding! Arrayed upon its borders was a slight tinge of the most remarkable reddish hue. “How do you feel about losing your lovely foliage, which will leave you so unclothed in the midst of the oncoming winter rains and the inevitable cold, I curiously inquired of the tree?

Into my consciousness flowed the following reply, filled with utmost love and compassion:
“I simply go with the natural order of things. Fall is a time when Nature withdraws inwardly, conserving its energy for the harsh winter conditions that always follow. We trees do not resist the Divine Order of things —we simply allow its unfolding through us. We simply are— one hundred percent a tree, just as we’ve been created to be. And, yes, we are conscious beings even as you are; however, we do not resist our ‘beingness.”’

Upon reflection, and at that very moment, my own inner voice intervened:
“Model this wise tree. Resist not or complain about life, the weather, the seasons…. Embrace it all fully and you, too, will continue to feel the unbroken inner peace that you’ve been so blessed to enjoy.

Amazing Nature, you are indeed Spirit’s playground – a repository of the greatest wisdom, beauty, joy, strength and courage, yet humble beyond compare! O how I adore you!


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