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We hope you find inspiration and connection through our Sunday Services, book podcast, and other videos, and we welcome your comments.  

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Sunday Meditation Service Videos

Sunburst members offer personal stories, insights, and perspectives on meditation and daily living. Guided and quiet meditation time, and devotional music, accompany talks. To view a list of weekly themes, click here.

Insights Into Life-Love-God

Sunburst’s Greg Anderson presents insights into Life-Love-God: Story of a Soul Traveler, written by Sunburst founder Norman Paulsen. Explore the life and spiritual quest of Norm, his search for his own teacher, Paramahansa Yogananda, his longing for a closer connection with God, and the foundation of Sunburst.

Latest from the Blog

On our blog we share news from Sunburst Sanctuary as well as inspirations, prayers, personal stories, and poetry from community members and Sunburst founder, Norman Paulsen, about bringing Spirit into daily life. For more blog posts, click here.

Our Unique Chance

Our Unique Chance

by Sibylle Custer  •  When we sit together to sing to God and to meditate at Sunburst Sanctuary, something very special is going on. We disengage ourselves from the world we live in. Our daily jobs fall behind us; our relationships fall away—they are not that...

The Secret Presence

The Secret Presence

by Valerie Joy King  •  My husband Jonathan and I were getting ready to leave Flagstaff for the ten hour drive home. We had been visiting for a week, helping to get our natural foods store on track after its move to a new, larger location. I had really enjoyed our...

Seek to Know 

Seek to Know 

by Norman Paulsen, Sunburst Founder  •  God never told me anything about religions. God never said to me that there are Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, or Hindus. God never uttered a word to me regarding mankind’s religions, and I can understand why. Religion is...


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