by Norman Paulsen, Sunburst Founder  •  Let us feel the fingers of God on the crowns of our heads. It is here at the prism doorway of life, God’s dual vortexes of energy and consciousness enter into us. Life is knocking at the door on the crowns of our heads. Yes, that Presence is knocking at the door that was open and throbbing with each heartbeat when we were infants. Let us open the door once again and invite I Am That I Am to descend into the upper chamber of our minds and into our hearts.

Divine Mother and Father are here now with us as much as they ever will be. We have to realize this. God’s blazing light and presence exists just above the open prism door on the crown and beats within our hearts every microsecond of time. God’s presence is always here. We can see, feel, and talk to God if we persist in our desire and in the tithing of our love, in meditation, and throughout our days.

We will experience the second birth, the birth of the Christ Child within our hearts. This is the ignition of energy God has placed deep within our souls before our beginnings in these bodies. This is our own pure Self, the image God had for each one of us in the beginning.

I remember the first time I experienced and felt my own pure Self in meditation. My head was moving backward on my shoulders to its limits. I was looking straight up into a tunnel of light filled with colors, like a rainbow. I moved in through the opening toward a Being of Light brilliant like the sun, shining at the end of the tunnel.

Suddenly I realized that I was not breathing and began to struggle, feeling that if I did not breathe, I would surely die. As I struggled, I realized that a divine presence was standing beside me to my left. That presence was the Divine Mother, the birth mother of my soul. The presence spoke, “My son, be not afraid; breathe from my mouth the breath of life.” Coming through the tunnel, I felt a cool sensation, a breeze on my face coming toward me from the Being of Light at the end of the tunnel.

I ceased struggling to breathe, relaxed, and immediately realized that I was alive in my body without the necessity of breathing. I recognized the presence of the pure Self, the real me existing deep within my soul, the part of each one of us that is immortal. It existed before we came into these bodies. We all intuitively know this truth and at some time will experience it.  God wants all of us to know this immortality again, to know who we really are. We are not limited to just a few years, a few orbits around this sun on this tiny world. It is only a temporary stop, a place to move onward from, and toward perfection. Perfection is allowing God to be in control, not little egos, not the false self with all its endless desires.

God moves through the open door on the crowns of our heads, into our bodies, and fills us with this realization, this ecstasy, this love and consciousness. This is what life is all about. When we are young, we are full of desires for the images we see around us, and we spend our time in their pursuit. But if we can stop long enough to say, “Not my will but Thy will be done through me, Oh Father,” we will begin to walk, play, work and talk with God in this life on our way to perfection. God is our only real and true friend, our eternal companion.

The tool of meditation that we have been given is only a means of reaching this end: to know God, to be fully conscious of God within us, not 99 and 9/10s percent, but 100 percent of the time. This Being, this power, this love, this joy, this realization, is the expanding awareness of the great upper brain. It is called the upper chamber and it contains the throne room that exists in each one of us. This great higher brain exists like an incredible, divine computer that can hold the knowledge and drift of the whole creation. This is a gift that humanity hardly uses today.

This is the miracle of our existence in these bodies. Through meditation we can open up and receive this miracle in the upper chamber with God, at the last supper as we leave the false self behind. Acknowledge that which illumines the great upper brain that God has built within us. The energy and presence that comes down in swirling vortexes upon the crowns of our heads is the anointment. This is why we meditate. This is where we come face to face with the real purpose of life. God himself will teach us. I Am That I Am will program our great upper brain for us to use with Him/Her, Mother and Father Divine.


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