By Letha Kiddie  •  Whenever you desire a change of energy, or more clarity in your life, addressing your physical surroundings is a good place to start. This works any time of the year.

The best place to begin is the front entrance of your home. Make it visually inviting to walk up to your front door with some kind of beauty to greet you. This can be pots of flowers or green plants, wind chimes, a fountain or other water feature, a beautiful sculpture, or just a neat and tidy pathway to your door. Painting your door an energizing color can also be effective.

Once inside, be sure that the front door can open completely without any blockages. Remove clutter from around the door and give the eyes something beautiful to see upon entering the room. It can be a colorful rug, vase of flowers, a painting, stained glass window, or anything of interest to you. This will hold the energy momentarily so that it can collect there before moving into the rest of the room or house.

Always be sure to have a well-defined walkway within the rooms. Ideally the center of each room should be empty so the energy can circulate.

In the Chinese art of placement, known as Feng Shui, it is believed that the different parts of our home are associated with the different areas of our life, such as career, wealth, love, health, etc. There are nine of these areas within the home which can be enhanced by simply knowing where they are, and by putting something symbolic into each area. It can be as simple as a picture of happy children in the area of creativity, a heart shaped pillow in the love-and-marriage area, or postcards from a favorite place in your travel area.

These actions send out the message of intention for these things to manifest in your life. Any time we bring attention to something, we bring energy to it.

It’s helpful to pay attention to where you live and how you feel in your living space. Ideally, your home is a sanctuary of nurturing and renewal, as well as a place of empowerment. Take some time to look around your home—see which rooms you love, and which rooms might need changes. Learn a few basic principles of Feng Shui, and enjoy the connection between your physical surroundings and your well being.


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