by Norman Paulsen, Sunburst Founder  •  God never told me anything about religions. God never said to me that there are Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, or Hindus. God never uttered a word to me regarding mankind’s religions, and I can understand why.

Religion is what man has produced, and the Light that all religions seek is what God has produced. Ultimately all religions, all spiritual practices, have but one goal: to meet this living Light, our Divine Mother and Father, face to face.

How can any one of us be satisfied without knowing God? I couldn’t. As a young man, I cried and prayed and worked in every way I could, that God might look upon me and let me know he was there and that he loved me. There isn’t any one of us that can accept anything short of personal realization in every fiber of our being, knowing that God is alive and is the creator of our bodies, minds and spirits. The truth behind all great religions is knowledge of the Divine Creator of all.

In all the religions I have studied, I found that those brothers and sisters who have experienced God described an ineffable, infinitely loving Light. They were engulfed in the brilliance of a divine inner Sun. They knew in a matter of seconds more than they had gathered in all the years of their lives—in one effulgence. They have been persecuted, nailed to the cross, condemned and done away with by the ignorant and those who do not understand.

Let us pray for the protection of those brothers and sisters, wherever they are, who have had the good fortune to meet God face to face within themselves and who try to describe that Being in their different ways. I pray that they be given protection for their uniqueness, that they might be able to bring through to their brothers and sisters what they have seen, known and felt.

Let us not condemn each other. Let us encourage each other towards God’s inner Sun. Let us pray that God blesses us all, each and every one. No matter who you are, what you have done or where you come from, each and every one can experience full divine illumination. If that vision of Light calls, may you find your way. In the end, there is no doctrine, no belief other than this Light of God. This has been my only desire: to bear witness that God is alive and can be seen, can be known right within you.

Think upon your freedom in God’s Light. Like the wind in the trees,
Like the light from the sun,
Can you catch it? Can you hold it?
God is life, sweet love within each and every one, throbbing in our hearts.


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