by Letha Kiddie    January brings us into a time of reflection and projection each year. Looking back over past months, we notice some of the patterns that emerged of both happiness and suffering. Now it’s time to take note of where we wish to direct our future energies.

We ask ourselves, have we found peace in ourselves and brought peace to others? Have we had kindness for all? Do we carry the deep integrated wholeness of our body/soul connection? And how do we know what our souls’ intentions for this lifetime are?

The main purpose for learning how to meditate in silence, to sit without struggle, to close ones’ eyes without falling asleep, to open and to discover the light of the Pure Self, is all about connecting with our souls’ purpose and simply becoming the most spacious version of ourselves possible.

The cycles of life are continuously working to create, maintain, and transform us. It is not hard to look and notice the advancements in technology, but it is harder to notice the subtler advancements of our own levels of awareness.

This year let us commit to exploring some of these unseen vistas inside of us. Let us commit to learning how to sit in meditation with an open heart and an open mind… empty, yet full.

As we take a deep in-breath and exhale slowly, we begin to let go of the past year, its struggles and triumphs, its victories and its pain. We give way for the New to dawn brightly in our consciousness. Each season gives way to the next bringing us understanding and peace.

Join me in this adventure of inner-discovery, a quest for a full and balanced life. Let us be inspired by the light that illuminates from within. Blessings and Namaste.



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