by Norman Paulsen, Sunburst Founder 

Intuition has always been important in my life. When I was a small boy, intuition led me to the basement of the old Lompoc Library where I met a holy messenger. I’ll share another story from my youth.

     Bud Bouchard was a farmer. He and his father had been farming the area around Northridge for years. I admired Bud. He hauled around a new four-cylinder diesel Caterpillar tractor on a trailer behind an old Model A. I wanted to learn how to drive that tractor in the worst way.
One day I found Bud parked in front of the post office. I stopped my bike, “Say Bud, do you need anyone to help you farm?”
He eyed me silently, “Well, Norm, you sure you really want to work?”
“I like to work hard, and I really want to learn how to farm.”
“Great. Jump in the truck; you can throw your bike in the back.”
Soon I spotted Bud’s yellow tractor in a big field as we pulled up.
“Get up there in the seat while I run you through it a few times.” Bud fired up the Cat and jumped into the seat beside me; we made a few turns around the field. “You got the feel of it now, Norm?”
I was a little dubious, but Bud went on: “Hook up the disk and have at it, I’ll be back in a couple of hours to pick you up.” Bud was putting me to a test, either I did or didn’t run this Caterpillar and disk up the field. If I did it properly, I had a job.
I began the job, sensing right away that my intuition would figure out how to disk the field properly. I followed my inner guidance. Two hours later I finished the field, tidying up the edges. After shutting down the machine, I sat there admiring my first completed job.
Bud showed up. “Hey, Norm,” he yelled, laughing. “You did okay. Not bad at all. Tomorrow I’ll show you how to get it ready to plant.” *

Years later, as a young man, I was led by Intuition to visit an artist with Autobiography of a Yogi on his coffee table. Seeing Yogananda on that book, my inner voice spoke loudly; I knew in an instant that I had to meet him. My life was changed forever, and eventually I was led to Santa Barbara to develop a spiritual community.

The all-seeing eye of God, the seat of Intuition, resides within each soul. Through Kriya meditation practice we return to our Divine Source, and commune with our Creator.

Practice patience, and listen to the voice of conscience, your intuition, when trying to make a decision. True direction from the pure Self does not arise from the emotions, nor from a confused mental condition. Be still and meditate a moment; listen to the space between your thoughts and you will receive the right direction.

* This story of Intuition in action is from Norm’s autobiography, Life, Love, God.


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