by Heiko Wirtz  • In the silence of our meditation, our connection with the Creator yearns to be expressed. What have we to offer it. Every time we lay down our desires, and our intention toward the will of the Creator arises, our hearts rejoice.

Recently I have been feeling a lot of stress and heavy emotions around me. The only way I feel in balance is to go within, to meditate, and draw my energy toward the Holy Spirit. It seems that the only thing I have that I can choose to share in this whole world is my love. Everything else is a gift from Spirit. I realize that when I create a state of silence, I have the opportunity to share this love inside me with the Divine.

This silence grows in magnitude with the devotion and love from our hearts. When you raise the fires of devotion up into the throne chamber, the pituitary center, and offer it to God, you are showered with a hundred times that offering. Inside your heart you change; your whole being changes. Your thoughts change, your will changes, all your ego changes because you realize that your life is here only to nurture love. One simple act of love on your part changes the entire course of the universe.

O Divine Father, Divine Mother,
We feel your presence all around us,
Within our hearts, within our minds.
O Divine, we offer all that we are to you.
Come to us! Arise in us!
Make us one!


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