by Norman Paulsen, Sunburst Founder    The Christ consciousness looks forward to the day when all beings on this planet will possess it again, when this Earth, the natural garden, will be cared for and appreciated, where divine architecture will again appear, fashioned with the harmonious proportions upon which the whole universe has been constructed. These things will again come.

It is little self- or ego-consciousness that humanity is struggling through, grappling with and trying to leave behind. It is the greater experience of Christ consciousness that seeks to dwell in every mind on this planet. Once seeing the light of pure consciousness you will know that God is alive and that you are indeed a true son and a true daughter. You will have divine direction then, as to what you should do to help divine will preserve life on this planet for our children and our children’s children.

As many of us as hear this, we must do something to change the conditions that exist by lifting our own consciousness higher and higher into the light of Divine Spirit. We will find direction that we can begin to turn the tide of destruction and save our world.

Mars, at one time, had oceans and rivers and life. What great catastrophe overtook our sister planet out there in space? If, indeed the remains of some great society are there for humanity to discover, let it awaken the minds of those who are in power here before it’s too late, and Earth suffers a similar fate.

For our sake, and our children’s sake, changes must be made. In each one of our lives, we need to strive for more light, more divinely guided will and direction, and not just be willing to sit and wait to see what somebody else will do.

Almighty Spirit, our divine Mother, our divine Father,
we thank you for this life that we are aware of
…for our bodies, for each other and for this world,
so magnificently beautiful, floating like a jewel in the sea of infinity.
Almighty Spirit, inspire us, and direct us
that we might do those things which will preserve
the lives of our children and our children’s children,
and preserve this world in all its beauty
that it may not be destroyed through greed and selfishness.

Almighty Spirit, you are the pure clear air
and gentle breeze we feel upon us.
You are the life that beats in our hearts,
that enables us to communicate with each other.
You are the love we feel for all things.
You are the Life in each one of us,
all of these faces, each one different.
All of these bodies are yours.
Help us to nourish the Earth with love and husbandry,
to protect it for future generations.
Almighty Spirit, we love you.


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