By Norman Paulsen

Almighty Spirit, Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha,
all ye teachers divine, illumined beings residing in the body of Christ,
meditate with us. Enter into us and reveal your presence
in the Light of God, through our consciousness today.

The man Jesus, through his sacrifice and his great love, became one with the body of Christ, that great spherical orb of brilliance that is God’s first creation. Years ago when we first began Sunburst, I awoke in a vision one night as the wind blew fiercely through the trees. A gigantic wooden cross was before me. On the cross was the body of a man crucified, his head down on his chest.

The spirits riding the gale began tearing his hands and feet loose from the spikes which held them. Suddenly, he fell upon the ground. The spirits of the wind fell silent. I jumped forward, trying to assist him. He began to push himself erect; his penetrating eyes were open and looking right through me, projecting a message of eternal love. I shall forever see those eyes! They are emblazoned in my heart. With my arms open wide, I thought to embrace him. But as he moved toward me, he disappeared within me! I heard his voice speak: You now have the authority to teach in my name those things that were not taught to the multitudes, but taught in secret.

As the years have passed, I have begun to understand the power and meaning of this incredible encounter as Jesus speaks to me from within. He wanted me to understand the story of salvation, the divine cosmology that exists within each one of us. All the realms in creation, and the brilliance of the body of Christ, await each one of us. He wants us to understand where we came from, what we are to do while we are here, and where we are going when we leave.

Jesus said, Enter thy closet when you pray. Yes, find a quiet place to meditate, pray and talk to God. Remember and know that all souls who have received Christ consciousness exist in that Light. They will administer to us this very moment, if we but ask. Practice meditation and imitate their lives. Our egos may put up a great fight, demanding that our will be done. We need to receive the Light of God, and the presence of the angels, and whomever that illumined being is that we wish to follow.

This life is so very short. We need to meet God face to face now, if God will permit. Make every moment count. Practice virtue and humility. As Jesus said, Not my will, but thy will be done through me. Let us surrender our will to God that we may receive the wisdom and power of God’s creative will.


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