Light on Sunburst Sanctuary – Thankful for Winter Rain  •  Despite California’s widespread drought, Sunburst Sanctuary was recently blessed with generous rainfall. Nine inches in two days was enough to soak the dry land, but not so much as to cause extensive damage. A total of ten inches fell over 5 days. Creeks are full of water music.

     Preparations had been done to help prevent major runoff in newly seeded fields. Throughout the showers, turkeys and smaller wild birds continued to forage for food, as did deer and livestock. After the rain, Heiko graded the main road.

     Now we watch for early spring wildflowers like peonies. Pussy willow catkins are abuzz with bees in the naked branches of willow trees.
     There’s a connection between the perfect amount of rain Sunburst Sanctuary enjoyed in the most recent storms and our prayers and songs requesting it. Human desires do not go unnoticed on dimensions beyond our understanding. Even casual repeated thoughts have power. That’s why it’s important to be conscious and careful about what you think, what you wish for, and how you word your requests. You are more powerful than you realize! For blessings when you need them, acknowledge and be grateful for your current blessings.


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