by Jake Collier  •  We clear our minds, still our bodies and open up our inner senses, so that we might taste the true reality of this life that exists within us and all around us. To truly know this reality and to truly understand ourselves and our relationship with the Creator, we have to experience it ourselves, individually.

We can be shown the way; we can be taught meditation techniques; but it is up to each one of us to make the effort, to make the journey. Libraries are full of books on how to, and which path is the right one. But the Divine can never be mentally understood. We have to experience it, to see the Creator’s shining face before our inner eye, to feel and hear God for ourselves. 

This bubble of creation continues to expand and grow. God’s life is in the bubble and all around it. Each of us has an opportunity, while we walk this Earth, to know and meet our Mother-Father-Creator face to face. It is our birthright. We are created in God’s image, each of us a spark of God residing in these containers we call bodies. 

When Jesus walked this Earth, he taught us that we should love one another, and treat each other like we would want to be treated. That was his ministry, his mission here. Sometimes the energies around us are very dark; sometimes love and understanding might seem far away. But we must keep trying, to be an example—giving to others, treating others with respect, manifesting light and love in everything we do, and practicing a meditation technique that can still our bodies, calm our minds, and stimulate the inner senses.


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