by Norman Paulsen • In our world, sometimes it seems like a madhouse of thoughts and afflictions thrown together with all these personalities, weaknesses and conflicts. However, an old saying reminds us: “What paineth you in another probably has its origins in yourself.” If you can withstand the seeming chaos and pursue spiritual maturity until the day when you see every face like you’re looking into a mirror at yourself, then you’re beginning to arrive.

And when that day comes that the vision is bright and clear, and every face is your own, then you know our world is all an illusion. It is only a dream that we are separate. There is only one face; each was God’s face all the time. All spirits are one in God’s Light.

What a wonderful privilege it is to have these bodies, these eyes, hands and hearts. To love one another, to look upon one another, these are the things of life that we all forget about in our mad quest to fulfill our desires. A world gone mad has forgotten God’s blessings of life.

Look upon the globe of this Earth…the mountains, the seas, the wind, the blue skies, the sun, the song of the birds, the laughter on friend’s faces, the love you feel in each other’s hearts, the creation of things that are beautiful for each other…imagine a world without argument, a world without divisions. This is truly an empire within Divine Consciousness. It is upon us now, if we embrace it.

You can live upon this Earth under this simple truth. You can see and know your Creator. You can hear and walk in Divine consciousness every day. Yes so be it, dear friends, for the land that is nowhere is our true home. You can sit in that Divine Presence today. You can inherit it as long as you see fit to live by its simple truths. As long as you live the truth, nothing can take it away from you.

In every way possible, the Creator has seen fit to show us through our third dimensional world how it is in the eternal world. The blazing light of our sun outside today can be seen within in another way. Every person who seeks that inner Light is going in the right direction. It is the blazing light of illumination, of Christ consciousness.

I pray that God blesses you all, each and every one. God is Life…sweet love. It is already in each and every one of us, throbbing in our hearts. Imagine the world in which everyone knows and experiences this!


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