“Whatever it is you’re seeking won’t come in the form you’re expecting.”   Haruki Murakami

•  by Jonathan King  •  As spiritual seekers, each one of us is like a little child, who has been separated from our parents. We have grown up living our lives searching, looking for those parents, knowing they are alive somewhere. Even though we are apart, we love them so much.

As we grow in the spirit and reach out, it is as if we are being told that the parents we are seeking are nearby, and they are seeking us as well. Our hearts are filled with joy at the prospect of reuniting and feeling whole, of feeling healed and complete.

It is so awe inspiring to contemplate that God is everywhere in the boundless immensity of this creation, from the vastness of innumerable galaxies to the spaces between atoms. This gigantic universe is filled with a Being who knows us. Since our inception our Creator has been longing for us to know him/her and longing to play in this creation through us.

As we grow and change, we reach out for union with our Creator. We may practice techniques of meditation, develop a deeper love for life, and extend ourselves in selfless service. We try our best to live in virtue. This is divine Spirit growing within us.

At Sunburst Sanctuary, meditation is at the heart of our spiritual endeavor. As we practice our technique, we reach up and give all that we are to that living, loving Presence who created us, and who is watching us, and waiting for us to come home. It’s the heart’s devotion that attracts a greater peace and flow of life force into us and satisfies any longing.

Let us each offer all that we are—all our love, all of our joy, our loneliness, sorrows, and pain—to the only Being who can heal us, I Am That I Am. Ask that Presence to be one with you. Draw that holy Presence, that sacred Light through your being and bask in the healing energy of divine Spirit.

We sometimes refer to this process in meditation as “breathing the Light,” or “circulating the Light.” Some wonderful things happen as we practice and integrate Kriya yoga’s tools into our lives. We begin to grow. The more that we practice, the more we become transformed.

As we offer all of ourselves to divine Spirit, we are exchanging all the ego’s triumphs and tragedies for that Light of God that comes into us—a living Presence, a living Light. It fills those places that we’ve offered up, and we are changed. We feel more love for others, more love for this beautiful Earth that supports us. Every aspect of life seems richer and more full as we grow in that living Presence.

The only true healing is to allow God’s love and light to circulate in our beings. The more we practice these techniques, the more we will feel a fulfilling Presence growing and answering our prayers. So let us offer all that we are, open our hearts and let that divine Presence of I Am That I Am come in and awaken us.
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