by Dawn King 

Divine Mother, Heavenly Father,
I invite you to sit with me.
Oh Mighty Spirit, and all your saints and angels,
I pray that you are with me
when I dive deep in meditation.
Let me open my heart, my mind, and my spirit
to your Life so abundant within and around me.

Divine consciousness resides in us. It makes our heart beat. It brings healing where healing is needed in our body and mind. It causes us to breathe when we are unconscious of it. And it directs our lives if we allow it. Divine consciousness, our true Mother and Father, brought us here so that we could experience this world and grow in understanding, so that we could be instruments: hands, mouths, eyes and feet for God to act on this dimension in a divine way.

Most of us think of our face as being what we see in the mirror as we comb our hair in the morning. But in reality, our face is what we see out in front of us. We’re always looking at the mirror of life; it reflects back at us what we need—the love, the lessons, the understanding, the wisdom.

In each of us the divine Consciousness resides. We have the willpower to let it function fully through us, or let our egos blot it out. When divine Conscious is fully alive within us we feel complete; we feel divine joy. We feel love radiating from our hearts and we feel loved. We feel our connection with the infinite abundance that is God.

When my husband and I hike in the beautiful high Sierras, I find my mind is at peace, not caught up in thoughts of work and normal everyday life. We see other people like ourselves, who’ve been hiking the 12,000 foot passes, people who have been camping in nature for a week or more. Talking to these people is like seeing the angel man or woman speaking to you. Their eyes are so clear, and their smiles so bright.

That’s the same consciousness we can have every day when we meditate and connect with Divine Spirit within us. We can consciously feel that Life beating in our hearts, guiding our thoughts, leading us, giving us direction. It’s there for each one of us. All we have to do is open ourselves to it, to let go of what holds us back.

Divine Mother and Father love each of us so dearly. We are their spirit children. Our divine Parents want only the very best for us. They want to see us joyful and happy, doing meaningful work, loving each other, living a balanced life. They want to see us living in harmony with nature and with each other. These opportunities are there for us. It’s only for us to choose them.


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