by Norman Paulsen 


Mighty Spirit, Beloved, our Mother, our Father,

We, your children, love you oh Lord—our life, our creator, our God.

We seek to know you as a son or a daughter should know their mother and father.

We seek to meet you face to face.


We know you are alive, because we are alive.

We know you hear us, because we can hear the sounds of life.

We know you see us, because we see life around us.

We seek to hear your voice, as a mother and father to a son and daughter.


Our hearts ache for lack of knowing you.

Our world suffers in anguish and despair for having forgotten you, your law and your love.

We seek to know you not for own benefit,

But for the benefit of all your children, and this Earth.


On that day you reveal yourself to me,

When I hear your voice and see your light, I will have regained my natural state.

Again, I will be a true son and daughter.

I will have come home.


Knowing I am in no way above or below anyone else, nothing to be venerated or upheld,

On that day I will set about to do your will, oh Lord, wherever you guide me.

For without you, nothing would exist;

My heart would cease to beat, my senses no longer function.


My Mother, my Father, my eternal Companion, my Beloved, my dearest Friend,

Be with me from this day forward.

Pure Life that you are, enter into me.

In an instant, you can make me well, can change me forever.


Every day, let me be reminded of the twelve cosmic virtues,

That I diligently apply them to my life.

Through you, my Creator, Mother and Father,

I shall truly become a son, a daughter,

In the body of Christ, the eternal Light.


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