by Norman Paulsen, Sunburst Founder  •

It is said that Jesus encouraged his disciples to follow him to an upper chamber. He was not speaking of an upper chamber in a house, but of the region of the great higher brain with its dual hemispheres that we are all wearing right now. This miraculous upper chamber was created for God to inhabit with us—for Christ consciousness to dwell in. When awakened it can comprehend the drift and design that projects and sustains this whole creation. How do we gain access to this great brain in the upper chamber?

Through meditation the descending baptism of illuminating fire enters in through the crown of our heads and bathes and nourishes our great higher brain. We can open up to God’s message and divine will through meditation by coaxing and asking that cosmic light to enter into us.

Through meditation you become aware of the dual forces that created us. The masculine force descends through the crown of the head to our beating hearts. The feminine force descends to the base of the spine, wrapping us in a cocoon of light. It then arises to meet the waiting groom in the bridal chamber of the heart. It is here that the dual forces of Spirit create a greater consciousness, a divine Being within us. It is the Christ child awakened and brought forth from our soul. This is the Immaculate Conception!

As this Christ child grows within us, we are able to live a virtuous life. We are able to see our virtuous desires, projected for the good of the world, materialize before our eyes.

Inward from the temples, behind the root of the nose and down from the opening on the crown of the head is the pituitary center. This is the throne of God within us. This is where we sit with the Light of Consciousness, the Christ, I Am That I Am, our Divine Mother and Father. We look out with these two eyes upon the world and are able to say, “Not my will, but Thy will be done.” Within us, the divine will directs our lives and directs that divine birth within our souls. This is salvation.

Keep the door on the crown of the head open twenty-four hours a day. Coax God to come in and sit with you in the upper chamber. It is the most blessed thing you can ever experience. All wisdom, knowledge, love and understanding will come to you. Rejoice and know that God is waiting to enter into you if you but seek it, if you but ask.

Discipline yourself to go twice a day, each morning and evening, programming your great brain with the things our world needs, works that you can accomplish in your own unique way. What a wonderful thing to be guided as you walk through life! I thank God every day for leading me to this knowledge, this truth, this love.


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