God Loves Me, Always 

God Loves Me, Always 

by Leela

Can we imagine the patience of God,
waiting for lifetimes to be recognized within us?
Waiting, watching, and loving, through thick and thin.
God is always right here,
the Spirit within the soul
that quickens and recognizes Oneness revealed,
inherent and ancient, long standing and pure.
God is always right here.

Security is knowing God loves me, always,
and loving God, always.


Mothers Come in Many Forms

Mothers Come in Many Forms

by Letha Kiddie •

When I think of mother’s, I think of the protective, creative force of Mother Nature.

There are so many examples of this, from the mama birds building their nests in my yard, to my friends who are mothers—constantly sending love, strength, care and encouragement to their children.

But the mother’s energy exists in both men and women and can be seen and felt through the heart.

Especially during these pandemic times we find ourselves needing to be reassured that “everything is going to be all right.” And mother’s energy is so good at giving reassurance!

When I think of all the hardships that humans endure in their lifetimes, I am so grateful for the mother figures that stand by, offering their sometimes silent support of what we are going through, and sometimes offering their physical, emotional or spiritual help as well.

Let us all give thanks for this beautiful part of our natures and cultivate it within us to help soften the sometimes harsh realities around us.

The Divine in me, bows to the Divine in you. Namaste

The Swallows of San Julian

The Swallows of San Julian

by Letha Kiddie
Every year the swallows return to our home, miraculously, on March 21st, the first day of Spring. They bring so much joy to our lives as they busily work to build their mud nests under our eaves.
Thanks to the swallows, we have no flies or mosquitoes to contend with, but their real gift is watching them in flight as they joyfully circle over our heads in the morning and evening hours, in swirling vortexes.
How is it that Mother Nature knows the exact time and location to send her messages of joy to the world? And how many other messengers are we blessed to witness every day?
May You Be an Inspiration   

May You Be an Inspiration   

by Jaia

May you be a great inspiration, a light unto this world.

May you bring out the wisdom that is the very core of your being,

An angel waking up to the realization of its own natural beauty and power.

– Catherine Mauron (aka “Jaia”)

Be a Star—Befriend Capricorn!

Be a Star—Befriend Capricorn!

Throughout the year, Sunburst offers encouragement for twelve months of conscious living. Each sign of the zodiac offers the discovery of our own “star power,” strengths that we might not know we have. As we each realize the power of our natural divine self, we develop our Divine personality. The result is greater joy and meaning in our lives, as well as making the world a better place.

We end and begin the year in the midst of the sign of “Temperance.” This is Capricorn’s gift, as we celebrate while the Sun transits this zodiacal sign (Dec. 22, 2019 to Jan. 19, 2020). It’s our challenge to be temperate amidst holiday reveling, spending, and consuming. It’s not too late—you can resolve to embrace temperance the rest of this year, and you’ll be thankful you did.

Capricorn is an astrological Cardinal Earth Sign. “Cardinal” means it’s a sign of “doing—active.” “Earth” is the practical, grounded side of this energy. Now the challenge is not to be so caught up in the physical that we neglect the spiritual aspect of this time of year. It’s a wonderful time to “actively” find deep peace within, just as nature is engaged in doing in the Northern Hemisphere. Our energies gather, possibly discovering a more focused, and worthwhile purpose in our lives. Meditation allows our intuition to point out our best direction forward.   

Paramahansa Yogananda was born in the month of Capricorn, on January 5th, 1893.

Sunburst celebrates every Capricorn with a Kriya Yoga retreat. It’s a beautiful opportunity to get in touch with your true self, the perfect spirit within your being. We celebrate with some hours of silence, refresh our meditation practice, learn new techniques for spiritual growth, and find that “reset button” to get our new year off to a start full of promise—with worthwhile and appropriate personal goals. Sunburst is also all about new friendships, love, and the kind of spiritual support we each need in a challenging world. Maybe you’ll tune in each month to “Be a Star.”

Labyrinth Luminaria Celebration

Labyrinth Luminaria Celebration

Story by Craig Hanson • Over sixty people followed Sunburst’s Winter Solstice winding path of renewal. Near the Temple, our Hopi labyrinth was aglow with three hundred colored lights in luminaria. Nearby, a warming fire greeted us.

For the Hopi this pattern represents the Divine Mother. Her arms truly opened before us, as we walked the path in silence toward the center. Releasing thoughts, allowing our Spirits to be renewed, we moved inward, surrounded by other souls taking this journey with us. Arriving at the center sanctuary, I felt at one with Spirit and all the travelers around me.

This year’s winter solstice event at Sunburst fell at the actual time of astronomical winter’s arrival on Saturday night. It was a very special moment to share. We are grateful that the offshore nourishing rains delayed their arrival until after midnight. Now we were fully ready for winter to begin, and for days to grow longer in a new solar year. Rain seen from Temple foyer Sunday morning:


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