Karmic Transmutation

Karmic Transmutation

Art & article by Lucinda Kinch  •  Clearing and transmuting karma begins with removing energy blockages from our beings. Effective meditation techniques and prayer nurture this process, allowing us to become more integrated and whole. Our hearts and intuition are activated; we receive clearer guidance from the Divine, and understand our soul’s purpose—giving deeper meaning to life.

Meditation techniques offered at Sunburst create a spiral of living transmutation through our dimensional centers, activating openings of light to pour from the depths of our being, healing blockages from prior years and even lifetimes. As like calls to like within our own inner universe, pain, joy or accomplishment travels with us from lifetime to lifetime. The more we transmute inner negativity, the more we are able to absorb positive spiritual energy. Start this karmic transmutation process by learning how to meditate to achieve inner peace and stillness of the body. Accelerate your evolution with the advanced techniques of the ancient Kriya Yoga meditation.

Transmutation of karma is also the source of all true forgiveness. One way to take full responsibility for your path, and reclaim a sense of personal spiritual empowerment, is to deeply reaffirm to the Divine that you are not a victim of any of life’s circumstances. With loving willpower, devotion and regular spiritual practice, we will transmute our karma and rise above fear and judgment.

We can become a potent stimulus for the transmutation of the collective consciousness, creating heaven here on earth for all! Since we are undergoing an accelerated evolution in consciousness on earth, there are many turbulent events occurring—yet another reason to hold dear to your heart and habits the blessings of daily meditation and prayer.

You alone can make the choice to overcome fear, to empower your own divine, pure Self. Sit in deep mediation and declare to Source that you are no longer a victim to anything you have experienced or will experience. Realize that all experiences are your teachers; be grateful for these experiences. Ask for courage to do this; it takes a new mind-set to inquire in this way. This practice will help bring understanding and humility, and attract more positive experiences. If you can continue to deepen in virtue, you’ll be able to reach deeper levels of fulfillment, gaining courage and satisfaction from life like never before.

We are the bearers of the Light frequencies on this Earth! By transmuting karma within ourselves, we are making great changes in the collective consciousness as well. Our own karmic transmutation is vitally necessary, without exception. Each one of us is key to the process and it is up to us to get the job done. Our essence is Love, not fear. We are loved infinitely and boundlessly, ever-supported by the great Source from which we have never been separate.

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

by Valerie King  •  If you sit down and are still, you start hearing the thoughts moving across your mind, like a river – an endless river. Thoughts, feelings, emotions, pains from the past and worries of the future. But is this really who you are? These are like clouds that are going by in front of the sun of consciousness that you are.

Recently, I had the great blessing to be invited to the labor and the birth of a new child. When you’re in this situation and you see the mother working so hard, this incredible, transformative act, and you see this lump inside the mother moving and moving, and all of a sudden, that lump is not just a lump. It has a face, and it is a new being.

We all went through this miracle of life. We have come out of infinity, and shortly we will go back. But the great divine consciousness, the Divine One that brought us all forth, wants to be fully awake, and fully alive in us, while we walk here upon this beautiful earth. It wants to awaken and recognize itself looking out through our eyes, working through our hands, loving through our hearts, creating through our minds and our bodies.

How can we accomplish this? How can we awaken to what’s truly inside of us? Eons ago, the ancients brought forth meditation techniques to help open the way, to help us still our minds long enough that we can begin to see the space between the thoughts where Spirit shines forth eternally. It is a work, meditation. We have to work with the life force and light we are given to create a light body that this seed can reside in, this seed of God, so that it can awaken and grow into a new being. It is our self, but our Self as we are truly meant to be—our pure Self.

We all have inklings of this pure Self in our lives. It is the power of love, wisdom, unspeakable joy. It says, “I Am.”— the answer to the question “Who am I?” The work is becoming aware of our own consciousness, and by becoming aware of it, we still the thoughts. We are not so attached to the emotions that carry us, like waves, on the ocean. We sit in the observer’s seat, where we are given the gift of immortality, infinity, infinite love, and we find out this is who we really are.

Divine consciousness lives in each one of us, and we know it as intuition and the voice of conscience. Our job is to listen ever closer to this divine consciousness, to let it heal and transform us, and bring that healing all around us.

In the gospel of Thomas, which is one of the Gnostic gospels, Jesus said, “If you have everything, but you do not know yourself, you have lost everything.” So this is the challenge for each one of us, the adventure of life. It is never too late to start the journey. Start it in this moment. Find out who you are. It is a question that can only be found by each one of us, can only be answered by each one in our own inner discoveries.

I want to end with a quote from Norman Paulsen, who is Sunburst’s founder, when he was speaking about this gift of the meditation tools:
A good meditation technique is the most important thing you could ever have in your life. If you don’t have a technique to get in there and find out what’s going on within you, how are you ever going to know?
The meditation tool is the gift from the gods, the angels of divine consciousness, for our future. They are saying, “Here is your way. You’ve got to go unlock the doors. You’ve got to do the work. You’ve got to climb the mountain.”
They are not going to carry you, but here is the key. Go unlock the door; go climb the mountain. It’s all inside of you.

As we awaken to the divine consciousness within us, we will be able to look out, all the more, and see heaven as it exists on earth in this moment. As the poet William Blake said, “To see the world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wild flower… to hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour.”

We Are Surrounded by Angels

We Are Surrounded by Angels

by Norman Paulsen, Sunburst Founder  •  The birthplace of angels, called the first dimension of consciousness, surrounds the Great Central Sun of God, the Christ, like the corona we observe around our physical sun. Here the brilliance is shaded with a violet-rose light of indescribable beauty and vibration. This is the energy of ecstatic awareness. This is the place where, from out of eternity, individual souls come into being, appearing as spheres of incandescent light, suns of God.

When we first acquired Sunburst Farm years ago, while meditating deeply I observed with closed eyes the astral panorama surrounding my physical body. I could clearly see objects in the physical world—some moving, some stationary. The landscape was clearly visible in a veil of penetrating light.

Toward the east, I observed an orb of brilliant white light rapidly approaching. To my delight, it came directly to me and hovered at eye level. A voice came floating upon the ethereal atmospheres, “I am the one they call Babaji.” I remembered well Yogananda’s description of an ever-youthful figure called Babaji, meaning “holy father.” Babaji was the spiritual guide of Lahiri Mahasaya, Yogananda’s teacher’s teacher.

In my meditation, I watched as Babaji, in the form of the orb of white light, transited the full length of my inner-dimensional spine, emerging from the crown of my head. Hovering again before me, he silently projected in thought forms his pleasure at finding the way open through all the spinal centers. Babaji offered support for the endeavors I had undertaken. He left as he had come, toward the east and his favorite haunts in the high Himalayas.

I am constantly reminded of the appearance of Jesus of Nazareth to Paul of Tarsus. At the time, Paul was traveling to raise support to persecute the growing “cult” of Jesus followers. Jesus appeared before Paul’s vision as a sphere of incandescent light, brighter than our physical sun.

Paul was converted then and there, as he recognized Jesus—whom he had never before met—within that light. Jesus appeared to Paul with the power and brilliance of the Cosmic Christ, the Inner Sun, to baptize and illuminate Paul of Tarsus. Paul was to become one of the greatest advocates and messengers of Christ.

I believe that we human beings are surrounded at all times by angels. Surely we are watched constantly by them. The brilliant flashes of violet-rose and blue-white light seen before our eyes while working, exercising, or meditating, reveal their presence. They can be as big as they like, or as small as they like. They have access to Infinity. They are the projectors and initiators of the divine drama of creation and its evolution.

Many souls on Earth today are evolving inward toward their own spherical bodies of light. In this life, we seemingly find ourselves surrounded by a never-ending obstacle course of events. We must remember the words of Revelations 21:7, “The one who overcomes shall inherit all things, and I will be their God and they shall be my offspring, my heir.” We must overcome the negativity that surrounds us. With the help of angels, and by living virtue, we finally attain Christ Consciousness, and we truly see what a wondrous creation surrounds us.

Your own divine soul, the image of God within you, is a brilliant sphere of light. It is waiting to direct your physical body from the center of Christ Consciousness, the inner-dimensional throne of God within you. Ask and it shall be opened; seek and ye shall find. Meditate and live virtue, and you will be surrounded with the company of angels. Look to the inner light, brilliant like the sun, and know that you are looking at beings from the first dimension, the angels of the Cosmic Sun, I Am That I Am.

Five Guidelines for Living

Five Guidelines for Living

From Lahiri Mahasaya’s teachings

Consider yourself very humble. This means one should do service, prayers, and maintain a feeling of being a servant of all.

Always do satsanga – associate with spiritually oriented people, inquire into the nature of yourself, and read spiritually uplifting writings.

From time to time, congregate in a place and talk about God.

Do not show disrespect for any name or form of God.

At least once a year, leave worldly duties and go to a retreat for a month, or a week, or at least three days and enjoy the solitude.

Paramahansa Yogananda said this about Lahiri Mahasaya:
“The Kriya Yoga which I am giving to the world through you in this nineteenth century,” Babaji told Lahiri Mahasaya, “is a revival of the same science which Krishna gave millenniums ago to Arjuna, and which was later known to Patanjali, and to Christ Jesus, Saint John, Saint Paul, and other disciples.
“The science of Kriya Yoga … became widely known in modern India through the instrumentality of Lahiri Mahasaya, my guru’s guru.  Lahiri Mahasaya received it from his guru, Babaji, who rediscovered and clarified the technique after it had been lost in the Dark Ages.”

The next post will explain Kriya Yoga further.

Birthday of Sunburst Founder, Norman Paulsen

Birthday of Sunburst Founder, Norman Paulsen

February 3  •  the birthday of Norman Paulsen, Sunburst Founder  •  

Today we honor Sunburst’s founder, Norman Paulsen. He carried forward the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, and Kriya Yoga, that any who ask: “Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going after this life?” can know the answers without a doubt. Following is a prayer from Norm Paulsen.

We Pray for Our World
Oh Beloved, let us see your face shining like the sun
    at the end of the tunnel to eternity.
Oh Father, we pray for our world and for its people,
    for all those who suffer.
We pray that your peace descend upon all beings,
    that your children may continue to live into the future,
    creating heaven on Earth
    as the saints and masters have prophesied.
By our service to all beings,
    help us be prepared for the day
    when we may joyously enter your body of light.

Surrender to Blessings

Surrender to Blessings

by Barbara McCaughey  •  I once saw someone demonstrate two types of surrender in body language. The first type had shoulders and head drooping forward, arms limp in the lap. The second type had arms, face, and palms up toward the sky. I thought, “The heart must open, and the arms create a funnel for spirit to enter.” When that happens, we’re guided and more comfortable living in the moment.

Think of surrender as a way of allowing space in your consciousness for the Divine to enter. You can gain a glimpse of what you truly are when you reflect your divine nature.

Letting go of the ego is an act of continuous courage. The self-conscious ego thinks it’s separate from its Creator, and from the creation. Ego wants to amass things, thoughts, and knowledge…and protect it all. Although the self-conscious ego experiences the ups and the downs of life’s drama, it’s afraid to let go. It’s not really sure what will happen when it surrenders to divine guidance.

But when we have the desire to start letting go, then we’re led to a way that helps us. For many of us, that way has been Kriya meditation, which allows us to live our lives more consciously. Norman Paulsen, founder of Sunburst, lived a life that was a beautiful demonstration of surrender. Life, Love, God, his autobiography describes Norm’s spiritual journey in detail. From the time he was a child, he desired to meet God, and this was strengthened when he met his teacher Paramahansa Yogananda, who taught him Kriya Yoga.

Later, Divine Mother revealed herself to Norm’s consciousness. He said that then his physical mind, self-conscious ego, and personality had to stand aside. It was his own pure Self that spoke directly to Divine Mother. As she promised, seven days later she returned and presented him to Divine Father. 

Norm said he felt no fear. He was able to look within and see that he had no other desires. “There’s nothing else in this world that I want, only you. Only you, Lord!” It was the continuous practice of surrender that led him to that day.

Many years ago I was sitting in meditation; it was a very difficult time in my life. I was lamenting to Spirit, “I’ve got this challenge, and that challenge; what am I going to do?” The thoughts felt like a moving freight train. All of a sudden, it’s like the brakes were engaged. My mind was flooded with thoughts from Spirit, showing me all the blessings in my life—blessings I was ignoring.

I was left feeling, “With all that I’ve been given, how could I not fulfill my mission to be loving, and to keep surrendering to the Divine?”
Almighty Spirit,
Help me to be very present with You in this moment,
that I might see a glimpse of who I truly am.


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