Imagination and Will

Imagination and Will

The greater the will, the greater the flow of energy.– Paramahansa Yogananda •  

by Norman Paulsen, Sunburst Founder    The whole creation is divine imagination made visible by thought, will and life. Each one of us is a designer, equipped by God with the gift of imagination. By using this gift, you can create seed images in the field of power around you. These images will take root and appear in time. This is the sowing and the reaping. Consider it an act of faith, that what you plant will grow.

Whatever you sow in thought, be it for good or for ill, becomes visible to you in the future. As you think and desire, and desire and think, the future is written and the past is erased. By concentration and willpower, you can set forth images impregnated with life force. These images will draw you in their direction like iron filings to a magnet, like a moth to the flame.

How do you know what images to put forth? By opening up your limited imagination to the unlimited creative will of the Divine. Divine intervention in your life creates inspiration. Inspiration excites imagination. Imagination seeds the future. The future becomes visible in time. Reach with your consciousness into the future. You can induce the power of Spirit to descend into you when your projections are for the benefit of all beings.

Begin by planting the seeds of illumination to arrive in your near future. This is your inheritance! You may be surrounded now by imperfections, mind-produced images that have arisen from non-virtuous actions. Do not be discouraged. These images can be shattered and transmuted in deep meditation.

To begin the practice of positive projection, you have to be patient and receptive. It is like an infant child—if nourished, it will grow. Meditation every morning and evening will water the seeds that you want to see grow. Through practice, you will generate the force to create and manifest images.

As you gain mastery of your own life,
You, the infinite soul, the son or daughter of God,
Will have all the forces in creation behind you.
You can use this divine force to help, to heal, to console.
You can put it all in your heart and experience ecstasy.
As long as you use this force for good, you will be happy.

Karmic Transmutation

Karmic Transmutation

Art & article by Lucinda Kinch  •  Clearing and transmuting karma begins with removing energy blockages from our beings. Effective meditation techniques and prayer nurture this process, allowing us to become more integrated and whole. Our hearts and intuition are activated; we receive clearer guidance from the Divine, and understand our soul’s purpose—giving deeper meaning to life.

Meditation techniques offered at Sunburst create a spiral of living transmutation through our dimensional centers, activating openings of light to pour from the depths of our being, healing blockages from prior years and even lifetimes. As like calls to like within our own inner universe, pain, joy or accomplishment travels with us from lifetime to lifetime. The more we transmute inner negativity, the more we are able to absorb positive spiritual energy. Start this karmic transmutation process by learning how to meditate to achieve inner peace and stillness of the body. Accelerate your evolution with the advanced techniques of the ancient Kriya Yoga meditation.

Transmutation of karma is also the source of all true forgiveness. One way to take full responsibility for your path, and reclaim a sense of personal spiritual empowerment, is to deeply reaffirm to the Divine that you are not a victim of any of life’s circumstances. With loving willpower, devotion and regular spiritual practice, we will transmute our karma and rise above fear and judgment.

We can become a potent stimulus for the transmutation of the collective consciousness, creating heaven here on earth for all! Since we are undergoing an accelerated evolution in consciousness on earth, there are many turbulent events occurring—yet another reason to hold dear to your heart and habits the blessings of daily meditation and prayer.

You alone can make the choice to overcome fear, to empower your own divine, pure Self. Sit in deep mediation and declare to Source that you are no longer a victim to anything you have experienced or will experience. Realize that all experiences are your teachers; be grateful for these experiences. Ask for courage to do this; it takes a new mind-set to inquire in this way. This practice will help bring understanding and humility, and attract more positive experiences. If you can continue to deepen in virtue, you’ll be able to reach deeper levels of fulfillment, gaining courage and satisfaction from life like never before.

We are the bearers of the Light frequencies on this Earth! By transmuting karma within ourselves, we are making great changes in the collective consciousness as well. Our own karmic transmutation is vitally necessary, without exception. Each one of us is key to the process and it is up to us to get the job done. Our essence is Love, not fear. We are loved infinitely and boundlessly, ever-supported by the great Source from which we have never been separate.

We Are Surrounded by Angels

We Are Surrounded by Angels

by Norman Paulsen, Sunburst Founder  •  The birthplace of angels, called the first dimension of consciousness, surrounds the Great Central Sun of God, the Christ, like the corona we observe around our physical sun. Here the brilliance is shaded with a violet-rose light of indescribable beauty and vibration. This is the energy of ecstatic awareness. This is the place where, from out of eternity, individual souls come into being, appearing as spheres of incandescent light, suns of God.

When we first acquired Sunburst Farm years ago, while meditating deeply I observed with closed eyes the astral panorama surrounding my physical body. I could clearly see objects in the physical world—some moving, some stationary. The landscape was clearly visible in a veil of penetrating light.

Toward the east, I observed an orb of brilliant white light rapidly approaching. To my delight, it came directly to me and hovered at eye level. A voice came floating upon the ethereal atmospheres, “I am the one they call Babaji.” I remembered well Yogananda’s description of an ever-youthful figure called Babaji, meaning “holy father.” Babaji was the spiritual guide of Lahiri Mahasaya, Yogananda’s teacher’s teacher.

In my meditation, I watched as Babaji, in the form of the orb of white light, transited the full length of my inner-dimensional spine, emerging from the crown of my head. Hovering again before me, he silently projected in thought forms his pleasure at finding the way open through all the spinal centers. Babaji offered support for the endeavors I had undertaken. He left as he had come, toward the east and his favorite haunts in the high Himalayas.

I am constantly reminded of the appearance of Jesus of Nazareth to Paul of Tarsus. At the time, Paul was traveling to raise support to persecute the growing “cult” of Jesus followers. Jesus appeared before Paul’s vision as a sphere of incandescent light, brighter than our physical sun.

Paul was converted then and there, as he recognized Jesus—whom he had never before met—within that light. Jesus appeared to Paul with the power and brilliance of the Cosmic Christ, the Inner Sun, to baptize and illuminate Paul of Tarsus. Paul was to become one of the greatest advocates and messengers of Christ.

I believe that we human beings are surrounded at all times by angels. Surely we are watched constantly by them. The brilliant flashes of violet-rose and blue-white light seen before our eyes while working, exercising, or meditating, reveal their presence. They can be as big as they like, or as small as they like. They have access to Infinity. They are the projectors and initiators of the divine drama of creation and its evolution.

Many souls on Earth today are evolving inward toward their own spherical bodies of light. In this life, we seemingly find ourselves surrounded by a never-ending obstacle course of events. We must remember the words of Revelations 21:7, “The one who overcomes shall inherit all things, and I will be their God and they shall be my offspring, my heir.” We must overcome the negativity that surrounds us. With the help of angels, and by living virtue, we finally attain Christ Consciousness, and we truly see what a wondrous creation surrounds us.

Your own divine soul, the image of God within you, is a brilliant sphere of light. It is waiting to direct your physical body from the center of Christ Consciousness, the inner-dimensional throne of God within you. Ask and it shall be opened; seek and ye shall find. Meditate and live virtue, and you will be surrounded with the company of angels. Look to the inner light, brilliant like the sun, and know that you are looking at beings from the first dimension, the angels of the Cosmic Sun, I Am That I Am.

Faith is the Fruit; Love is the Seed

Faith is the Fruit; Love is the Seed

by Dawn King  •  It was early morning and I was about to crack an egg into the frying pan when my husband startled me, and I jumped. The egg flew from my hand onto the top edge of the dishwasher door, which was slightly ajar. Next it careened onto the laminate floor.

I’ve dropped eggs a few times over the years, each time resulting in an eggy, gooey mess. But this time a miracle—the egg was intact. Though the shell was cracked, it still clung to the egg. The membrane inside was unbroken, so nothing leaked out. “Whew!” I exhaled.

Instantly a Divine message entered my consciousness. “I AM taking care of you, just like this egg.”

“Wow!” a feeling of relief came over me. Like so many of us since Covid arrived, my whole life has been in tumult for a number of months. Various circumstances have compounded upon the situation, leaving us in a state of worry and uncertainty about the future.

Ideally, we would live in the present, unconcerned about tomorrow. But even the birds outside my window prepare for tomorrow.  If they’re acorn woodpeckers, they gather acorns and stash them. And all birds make nests in preparation for the coming of a new brood.

Humans not only want to prepare for tomorrow, but want to feel that there’s safety in the future. This is hard when life throws you a sudden, unexpected challenge. It can be hard even when you see the challenge imminently bearing down on you. What to do?

Sunburst’s founder Norm Paulsen seemed to advise meditation as the solution for everything. The longer I live, the more I learn how effective regular meditation, and devotion to Spirit is. Through meditation we learn to realize and reflect on the many gifts of Spirit in our lives. This leads us to love the Divine, and want to be closer to, and more in harmony with our Creator.

Norm once said: “Each time that we meditate, the imprint of our heart’s love leaves an eternal picture in the mind of our Creator.…We are part of immortal life, here in this world for such a short time.…We were each created perfect in the beginning. Let us strive to regain our perfection.”

From the Divine Heart of Love, we have each come. Divine Love is the Seed within each of us. When we connect with that Seed and nourish it, in turn it nourishes our spirits. If the ability to meditate eludes us, we can still reflect on the blessings of each day, and develop love by loving those around us, realizing they too are divinely created and sustained, just like us.

Love inspires Faith in us that helps us hear and know the truth of its message: “All is well; I Am taking care of you. Seek me and listen.”

Great Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda 

Great Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda 

Today we honor the memory of Paramahansa Yogananda, and his mahasamadhi on March 7, 1952. Mahasamadhi is a final, intentional and conscious exit from the body.

by Fredd Dunham  •  Paramahansa Yogananda was an amazing being, a modern day saint, who was born into this life fully conscious of who he was before, and where he was going in this life. He expressed the frustration as an infant of not being able to communicate, with many languages running around in his head. His parents lived a spiritual lifestyle in harmony with each other on their spiritual path. He became a member of the Swami order and his name was changed from Mukunda to Yogananda, which means bliss through union. On March 7, 1952, for the final time he consciously left his body in an incorruptible state; over the next 30 days it did not decay. This made headlines in the L.A. Times.

Yogananda was an avid traveler as a youth. Throughout India he met and conversed with sages, saints and yogis of all persuasions. In 1920, he was sent by his teacher, Sri Yukteswar, and  Babaji to America to teach Kriya yoga meditation in the west. He founded Self-Realization Fellowship upon arrival, and spent 15 years traveling around the U.S. speaking in the largest halls available to sold out crowds. People came to hear this amazing man speak so eloquently about his experiences with God, and how yogic teachings were the same as the teachings of Jesus. 

In 1935, tired of traveling, Yogananda concentrated his energy on building S.R.F. as a legal religious organization in California. He attracted souls that were seriously interested in obtaining God realization themselves. In the 1950s, he developed the Los Angeles Lake Shrine Temple and Gardens. A beautiful 5-acre lake is surrounded by a walkway and lush gardens. When built, it was a landmark in L.A. It includes a world peace shrine holding ashes of Mahatma Gandhi, who had been a friend of Yogananda. 

Yogananda personally instructed over 100,000 people in the method of Kriya yoga meditation. He was indefatigable in his effort to work for Spirit so that every soul could reach its ultimate goal of illumination while leading an active life. Yogananda touched thousands of people when he was alive, and ultimately millions of people through his book, Autobiography of a Yogi.

My life was first touched by Yogananda in the late sixties when I was living in a small trailer. Yogananda’s student, Sunburst founder Norman Paulsen, had previously started teaching Kriya yoga to interested young people in this very same trailer. I came across Autobiography of a Yogi and started reading. About halfway through the book, I decided I would try to meditate.

I sat down on the bed and closed my eyes, doing my best to meditate without any instructions. A gigantic vortex of light came down into the room and surrounded me, like a whirlwind. I felt the life-changing touch of Divine Spirit, and shortly thereafter met Norman and moved to Sunburst Community where he was continuing the work of Yogananda. 

God is for everyone. We can know God through a personal, direct experience of the Creator; it’s for each and every one of us to make that connection and know our destiny.
Oh mighty Spirit, all you elders and saints in the light, be thou with us now.
Touch each one of us; inspire us onward that we might know you,
Oh Christ Spirit come into us, fill us with your divine radiance,
and lead us in this life, closer to you and all the angels. Amen

Finding the Miracle of Today

Finding the Miracle of Today

by Dawn King  •  We’re always happy to have a sudden pleasant surprise, especially something that seems like a miracle. But every day offers us numerous mini-miracles, in which we can find just as much happiness and pleasure. Life is richer and more supportive when you start to realize the many miracles that allow us to exist, to experience, and to reflect. 

When we want more happiness in our days, it’s worth taking the time to consciously acknowledge the blessings of each day. Often these “miracles” are the things we experience every day: good friends, family, a job we like, our health, our home, etc. 

“People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on Earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don’t even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black curious eyes of a child—our own two eyes. All is a miracle.” – Thich Nhat Hanh, The Miracle of Mindfullness 

Pausing in our day to be fully conscious of the moment, can bring us new realizations of the miracles all around us. Regular meditation times can help us develop this consciousness. But the more we can pause to take a deep breath and reflect, even if it’s in the midst of activity, the more we will come to fully experience and appreciate each moment.  

When life is not going well, it’s an even more important time to reflect on the moment. If we can flip our mind to the positive side, and focus on what is going well in this difficult time, we will attract more miracles into our days. Life is always trying to give us a life preserver, a solution, or a new way to connect with it.   

At the start of the Covid shutdown in California, I was embarking on a much anticipated trip to Mexico with a friend. It was the miracle of a vacation, which I sorely needed. After hours of travel and our failure to cross the border, exhausted, we retreated to her home at 2 a.m. She then invited me to stay and vacation at her house. It was another miracle that gave me a much needed rest from responsibilities at my home. 

In reflecting, I’ve also realized that what I always thought was one of the worst years of my life was actually one of the best. When I was in the 4th grade, my teacher who was very stern, drilled us endlessly with multiplication tables and homework. We spent hours practicing our writing, and I got into trouble for acting too funny.

The gift in all this was: that same year I gained a pen pal in another country and won some writing contests, and then in 5th grade I got to trade math for art class. It took me many years to appreciate the positive side of what I’d always considered a dark year in my life. If you reflect long enough, you may also find that your darkest moments have some of the greatest gifts in them. Meanwhile, I hope you find the miracles and blessings of today. 

P.S. My inspiring friend Shawn Anderson shared this:
At the end of each day, I ask myself: “What was today’s highlight?” I reflect, write my answer on a small slip of paper, fold it, and put the day’s highlight in my Dream Box…an accountability tool to keep me connected to remembering that every day has something good about it, a highlight. The Dream Box also reminds me that dreams, goals, and wishes articulated on paper are the first step in making them happen. Life is as magical as we choose to make it! *Free newsletter


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