All things have God within them. Our job as humans is to make conscious contact with God within all of creation.– Dorothy Maclean, Findhorn Community

by Michele Pike 
There are many ways in which those at Sunburst Sanctuary strive toward sustainability. Organically growing fruits and vegetables is just one of those. We also applaud and support the teachings of permaculture. Earth friendly building techniques have been applied where and when possible. Using power, transportation, and other modes of operating that are more sustainable is always our goal. Although there is plenty of room to include more sustainable practices in our lives, we feel it is crucial to try, to start somewhere and move in the direction of our goals.

At the heart of all these practices of sustainability is the principle of Ahimsa, nonviolence. No relationship can be sustained if violence is present within it. Our relationship with Mother Earth is no different. In order that we may continue to survive and thrive here, we are each responsible for making decisions, taking actions, and having a conscious mindset to live lightly on the Earth.

As we each grow toward revealing the Divine within us, we do so in fits and starts. We take baby steps, moving incrementally closer to our goal of living on the Earth as completely illumined beings. Along the way, we endeavor to practice nonviolence, compassion and love for one another and our precious Earth.

“When we include God in the things we do, the things we enjoy, our work and our play, God loves to be with us. This is what the whole creation is about. Our Divine Mother-Father wants to be conscious in all of us on this Earth.
“We were placed here to include God in everything we do virtuously, for the benefit of all beings. We were born to be the caretakers of the Earth with God, looking after all of Divine Mother’s life-forms.”
– Norman Paulsen, Sunburst Founder


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