Valerie Joy King

by Valerie King

So many times when I feel or see Spirit, whether in form or simply pure light, it is so filled with intense joy and laughter, waves upon waves of laughter. I am reminded of a video I once saw called Life After Life, which showed interviews of people who’d had near-death experiences. They all mentioned that the Being of Light they encountered during these experiences had a really good sense humor. I thought about how our sense of humor is truly as spiritual gift, one of the things we can carry with us beyond this life.

I remembered a story from my own life. I hope this won’t sound sad, because to me it’s very joyful. I had the opportunity to help care for my beloved sister Susan just a couple days before she died. She was very sick and had a lot of intense pain. Her husband and I took turns every couple of hours giving her a shot of strong pain killer. She seemed to be almost in a coma. She would wake up slightly when it was time for her medicine and reach a trembling hand to her forehead to let us know she needed it, but she couldn’t speak.

At one point when it was time for her shot I began reading the label on the medicine bottle. It said, “Warning, do not drive after taking this medicine.” Somehow this struck me as funny because this medicine seemed to totally knock Susan out. I couldn’t imagine someone driving after taking it.

I said to her husband. “Paul, look, it says do not take this medicine and drive!” Paul chuckled too. Then we heard a sound from Susan. Looking down, we realized that she was laughing. It was so amazing to me that here she was in such pain, at death’s door, and she still had her sense of humor. I knew that Susan was going to be able to take that sense of humor with her beyond this life.

As it turned out, a couple of years after she died, Spirit blessed me with an incredible visitation in which Susan came back to me as a blazing, brilliant light. At first it was just the pure light to me, my divine Beloved. I was swimming in that ecstasy, and then at the very end of the experience, I noticed that there were two blue eyes inside the light, and I recognized them as Susan’s eyes. I recognized them from her unique vibration and from the sense of humor coming out of those eyes, and the laughter and the joy.

She said, “See how incredible, how joyful, how blissful it is to be One again with the Father of all fathers, and the Mother of all mothers?” And she laughed in pure delight.

I was reminded of a beautiful vision that came to me years ago during a Sunday service. I found myself standing out in space, looking upon a gigantic galaxy with huge rings and a shining center. An angelic being next to me was holding its hand out toward the sight, as if to show me. Then the being began to laugh deep within so joyously, so infectiously, that I almost laughed aloud.

The cosmic joke was this: Look upon the beauty, wonder and majesty of this creation. The secret is: It’s all you! You think that you are all these separate images and faces, but in truth there’s only one Spirit. It’s all God, the most beloved, the most high. There’s no separation between you and this gigantic galaxy, and all the stars.

In Christ consciousness there can be no desires, for everything that exists is already ours. So let us be joyful, thankful, and light-hearted!


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