by David Adolphsen  •  I’ve been reflecting lately on my relationship with Spirit. It’s a relationship that started when, as a young adult, I became aware of my attraction to the inner world, to the love and complete feeling of connectedness that can happen in a life of Spirit.

Now I realize that my daily meditation practice is like having a date every day with Divine Spirit. I set some time aside each day to sit with Spirit, to connect through meditation and devotional prayer.

Like any relationship, there are times when it’s easier to feel the love for that divine partner, for that earthly partner, or even for your pet who may be chewing up the couch. There are times when it’s just easier than other times to feel that unconditional love. It’s easy to be excited about a new relationship, but over time we need to spice it up.

Sometimes when I sit down to meditate with Spirit, it feels more like a working meditation than a loving relationship-building meditation. At those times, I have to give myself
 the same compassion and the same space that I’ld give anyone else who may be feeling less connected than normally.

Learning some further refinements of the Kriya meditation tool can also be a way to spice up our relationship with Spirit. We can go even deeper into the reality of who we are, and our connection to the consciousness that is always around us and within us. We just need to uncover it.

Sometimes I pray:  Help me love You more. Inspire me to see and to feel your goodness in everything, and give me the strength to stand up, to try to get beyond my self-conscious mind and expand into the Christ-conscious reality that is all around me all the time.

Hafiz wrote:  Only that illumined One who keeps seducing the formless into form had the charm to win my heart. Only a perfect one who is always laughing at the word “two” can make you know of Love.


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