It is an initiation of sorts to have Jupiter and Saturn appearing so close to each other in our skies. Not since 1226 has humankind viewed this phenomenon. These two planets stand at the portal between the inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars) and our solar system’s far off outer planets, and beyond. Their conjunction indicates a “Reality Check,” for us on Earth. They symbolizes the gateway between physical birth and spiritual realization.

Jupiter helped shape the Solar System, and continues to be the planet receiving the most frequent comet impacts. It is an enormous planet, 11 times the radius of Earth, with a mass greater than 2 and a half times that of all the other planets in the Solar system combined. It is one of the brightest objects in our night sky.

In Sanskrit, Jupiter is called Guru, It radiates spiritual wisdom, good judgement, free will, beneficence, youthfulness, joy, abundance, and unconditional love. Jupiter gives us a new look at the big picture of our life, and helps us understand how we can fulfill our purpose here. This friendly planet bestows optimism and trust in life, helping us plan and take action for a better life.

Saturn is the second largest planet, Jupiter being the largest. Saturn is the farthest planet from Earth that we can see without a visual aid. Nine times wider than Earth, if Earth was a nickel in size, Saturn would be a volleyball. It has sixty moons and a complex ring system extending far into space.

Saturn is far from the Sun, distant and cold. It is called Shani in Sanskrit, and upholds discipline, responsibility, structure, boundaries and limitations, time, aging and karma, or Law. The law demands that you reap what you sow with your actions, thoughts and desires.

Viewing these giants of our Solar System should inspire us to reexamine our lives, our goals, our values. We are creating our future with every breath. It is wise to let go of what does not serve our highest good, so that which is uplifting and more appropriate can enter and enrich our lives. Being disciplined in our thoughts, actions and intentions is being in harmony with Saturn. Using free will to develop our spiritual nature, and find our best direction in life is being in harmony with Jupiter. These planets in our December sky symbolize the “Reality Check” in which 2020 is culminating.   



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